Substantive (noun or adjective)

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The term substantive is occasionally used to denote the word class consisting of nouns and adjectives, sometimes defined by the feature [+N]' (=noun).


This is the terminology used in Chomsky (1981:48) and occasionally in later work influenced by him. Chomsky refers to his substantive category as "based on traditional grammar". This seems to be due to a misunderstanding, since the traditional term substantive specifically excludes adjectives (see substantive (continental)), while Chomsky specifically includes them. (Maybe he was vaguely aware that in an older tradition, there was a term for a class including both nouns and adjectives, but this term is noun (Latin nomen).)


Substantive also denotes



Apparently first used by Chomsky (1981:48).

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Chomsky, Noam. 1981. Lectures on Government and Binding. Dordrecht: Foris.