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<div>'''[http://{{{2|en}}}.wikipedia.org/wiki/{{urlencode:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}} Wikipedia: {{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]''' ({{#language:{{{2|en}}}}})</div><noinclude>
<div>'''[[:wikipedia:{{{2|en}}}{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|Wikipedia: {{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]''' ({{#language:{{{2|en}}}}})</div><noinclude>
=== Usage ===
=== Usage ===

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Wikipedia: Wikipedia (English)


This template can be used to link to an article in Wikipedia.

You can provide two template parameters: article and language code:

{{Wikipedia|article|language code}}

For instance this links to the article Yiddish language in the English Wikipedia (en).


The language code is optional, by default the language code en is used:


If you also omit the article, the name of the current Glottopedia article is used:

{{Wikipedia}} or {{Wikipedia||en}}