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This page is a discussion page for deletion candidates. An article can be deleted if one of the following points is given:

  1. The article lemma does not achieve the requirements for suitability.
  2. The article does not contain useful information.
  3. The article is not written in one of the approved Glottopedia languages.

Please do not submit a page here in the following cases:

  1. The page is a discussion page. Discussion pages will not be deleted, unless the appropriate article does no longer exist.
  2. The page is within your user namespace (User:xxx).
  3. The page is an unuseful redirect resulting of a move operation.

If you want to submit an article for deletion following the directives above, please insert

{{Subst:Delete}} ''The reason why you think the article should be deleted.'' --~~~~

at the top of the article. Then follow the link to this page and insert the following below the last entry:

== [[Name of the Article]] ==

''The reason why you think the article should be deleted.'' --~~~~

All users are allowed and encouraged to discuss about the deletion of the articles listed here. Seven days after the submission, an administrator decides (drawing on the discussion) whether the article will be deleted or kept.

Once an article survived a deletion candidateship, a newly submission of the same article is only accepted if new reasons arise. Old deletion discussions you will find in the archive.

The articles are under discussion at the moment can be found in the Category:Deletion candidate