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This table lists the approximately 1000 languoids that have more than 100,000 speakers according to census data. The list has been compiled and computed using data from Ethnologue, publicly available census data, and "glossorama", an unpublished database by Mikael Parkvall. The information in this list is the same as the one featured in the appendix of the third edition of David Crystal's "Encyclopedia of Language", 2010, the difference is only in formatting and sortability.


C - Central
E - East(ern)
N - North(ern)
PNG - Papua New Guinea
Rep. - Republic
S - South(ern)
W - West(ern)

The Table

Top 1000 languages
Language ISO 939-3
Where spoken? Language Family Genus Speakers
Abron abr Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 122
Abung abl Indonesia Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian 727
Acehnese ace Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 4,705
Acholi ach Sudan, Uganda Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 1,342
Adhola adh Uganda Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 573
Adi adi India, China Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 254
Adioukrou adj Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 125
Adyghe ady Russia Northwest Caucasian Northwest Caucasian 532
Afar aar Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 1,856
Afrikaans afr South Africa Indo-European Germanic 6,422
Ahanta aha Ghana Niger-Congo Kwa 139
Ahirani ahr India Indo-European Indo-Iranian 827
Aimaq aiq Afghanistan, Iran Indo-European Indo-Iranian 1,078
Aja aja Central African Rep., Sudan Nilo-Saharan Kresh 1,171
Akan aka Ghana Niger-Congo Kwa 10,468
Akha ahk China, Myanmar, Thailand Sino-Tibetan Burmese-Lolo 458
Aklanon akl Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 564
Akoose bss Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 139
Alaba alw Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 181
Albanian aln, als Albania, Serbia and Montenegro Indo-European Albanian 6,500
Alur alz DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 2,112
Ama (Nyima, Nyimang) nyi Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nyimang 116
Amharic amh Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Semitic 25,325
Amis ami Taiwan Austronesian Paiwanic 136
Anaang anw Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 1,274
Angas (Ngas) anc Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 485
Angika (Anga) anp India, Nepal Indo-European Indo-Iranian 814
Anuak (Anywak) anu Sudan, Ethiopia Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 150
Anufo cko Benin, Ghana, Togo Niger-Congo Kwa 155
Anyin any Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 1,049
Anyin Morofo mtb Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 398
Arabic arb N Africa, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula Afro-Asiatic Semitic 284,261
Arakanese mhv Bangladesh, Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Burmese-Lolo 1,349
Aramaic (Modern) → Neo-Aramaic        
Aringa luc Uganda Nilo-Saharan Moru-Madi 888
Armenian hye Armenia, Iran, Turkey Indo-European Armenian 5,171
Aromunian rup Balkans Indo-European Romance 234
Ashanti → Akan        
Assamese asm India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 15,916
Asu asa Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 803
Attié ati Côte d’Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 501
Atuence atf China Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 627
Aushi auh Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 244
Avar ava Azerbaijan, Russia Nakh-Daghestanian Avar-Andic-Tsezic 766
Awadhi awa India, Nepal Indo-European Indo-Aryan 22,661
Awngi awn Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Central Cushitic 509
Awutu afu Ghana Niger-Congo Kwa 147
Ayizo ayb Benin Niger-Congo Kwa 343
Aymara ayc, ayr Bolivia, Chile, Peru Aymaran Aymaran 1811
Azande → Zande        
Azerbaijani (Azeri) azb, azj Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq Altaic Turkic 22,283
Baatonum bba Benin, Nigeria Niger-Congo Gur 655
Bacama bcy Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 182
Badaga bfq India Dravidian S Dravidian 269
Bade bde Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 304
Bagheli bfy India, Nepal Indo-European Indo-Iranian 434
Bagri bgq India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 2,292
Bahnar bdq Vietnam Austro-Asiatic Bahnaric 178
Bai bca China Sino-Tibetan Bai 1,318
Bajau bdl, ssb Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines Austronesian Sama-Bajaw 149
Bakumpai bkr Indonesia Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian 103
Bakundu bdu Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 140
Balanta-Ganja bjt Senegal Niger-Congo N Atlantic 107
Balanta-Kentohe ble Guinea-Bissau Niger-Congo N Atlantic 395
Balinese ban Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 4,166
Balochi (Baluchi) bgp Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan Indo-European Iranian 8,024
Balti bft India, Pakistan Sino-Tibetan Bodic 291
Bambara bam Mali Niger-Congo W Mande 4,561
Bamun bax Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 310
Banda bjo Central African Rep. Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 907
Bandi bza Liberia Niger-Congo W Mande 123
Bangala bxg DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 3,500 L2
Bangaru → Haryanvi        
Banggai bgz Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 103
Bangubangu bnx DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 305
Banjar bjn Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 4,000
Bantawa bap Nepal Sino-Tibetan Kiranti 457
Bantoanon bno Philippines Austronesian Central Philippine 167
Bareli bfb, bpx, bgd India Indo-European Indo-Iranian 369
Bari bfa Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 789
Bariba → Baatonum        
Basa (Abacha) bzw Nigeria Niger-Congo Atlantic-Congo 231
Basaá bas Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 329
Bashkir bak Russia Altaic Turkic 1,166
Basque eus France, Spain Isolate   665
Bassa bsq Liberia, Sierra Leone Niger-Congo Atlantic-Congo 486
Bata bta Nigeria, Cameroon Afro-Asiatic Chadic 182
Batak Angkola akb Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 779
Batak Dairi btd Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 1,200
Batak Karo btx Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 622
Batak Mandailing btm Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 415
Batak Simalungun bts Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 1,200
Batak Toba bbc Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 2,078
Bathudi → Oriya        
Baule (Baoulé) bci Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 2,790
Bedawi (Beja) bej Sudan, Eritrea Afro-Asiatic Beja 2,176
Bekwarra bkv Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 121
Belarusan (Belorussian) bel Belarus Indo-European Slavic 7,198
Bemba (Chibemba) bem Zambia, DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 3,941
Bemba (Kinyabemba) bmy DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 533
Bembe bmb DR Congo, Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 497
Bena bez Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 937
Bena (Yungur) yun Nigeria Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 114
Bena-Lulua → CiLuba        
Bench (Ghimarra) bcq Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Omotic 248
Bengali ben Bangladesh, India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 206,666
Bera (Kibira) brf DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 237
Berber tzm Algeria, Morocco Afro-Asiatic Berber 3,768
Berber (Rif) → Tarifit        
Berom (Birom) bom Nigeria Niger-Congo Platoid 363
Berta wti Ethiopia, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Berta 218
Betawi bew Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 6,807
Bété bev Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kru 544
Beti btb Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,795
Bhatri bgw India Indo-European Indo-Iranian 657
Bhilali (Bhilala) bhi India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 984
Bhili bhb India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 3,196
Bhojpuri bho India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 29,525
Bhumij → Mundari        
Bicolano → Bikol        
Bikol bcl Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 5,560
Bilaspuri kfs India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 323
Bilin (Bilen) byn Eritrea Afro-Asiatic Central Cushitic 118
Bima bhp Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 518
Bimoba bim Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 118
Bingkokak → Tolaki        
Bini bin Nigeria Niger-Congo Edoid 3,089
Binji bpj DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 293
Binukid bkd Philippines Austronesian S Philippines 139
Birifor bfo Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 281
Bisa (Bissa) bib Burkina Faso, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire Niger-Congo E Mande 770
Bitare brt Nigeria Niger-Congo Bantoid 137
Biyo byo China Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 106
Blaan (Bolinao) bpr, bps, smk Philippines Austronesian South Mindanao 186
Bobo Madaré (Bobo Fing) bbo, bwq Burkina Faso Niger-Congo W Mande 463
Bodo brx India,Nepal Sino-Tibetan Baric 754
Bokar → Adi        
Bokyi bky Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 255
Bole bol Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 121
Bolia bli DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 177
Bomu (Boomu) bmq Mali, Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 223
Borana → Oromo        
Bori → Adi        
Bosnian (*) bos Bosnia-Herzegovina Indo-European Slavic 4,000
Bouyei (Buyi, Giáy) pcc China, Vietnam Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 2,605
Bozo boz Mali Niger-Congo W Mande 479
Brahui brh Pakistan Dravidian N Dravidian 2,664
Breton bre France Indo-European Celtic 344
Bru bru, brv Laos Austro-Asiatic Katuic 173
Brunei kxd Brunei, Malaysia Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian 250
Budu buu DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 353
Budza bja DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 443
Bugis bug Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 4,926
Bukusu bxk Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 731
Bulgarian bul Bulgaria Indo-European Slavic 6,928
Buli bwu Ghana, Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 142
Bulu bum Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 242
Bumthangkha kjz Bhutan Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 100
Bunak bfn East Timor, Indonesia Trans-New Guinea Timor-Alor-Pantar 119
Bundeli bns India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 706
Bunu bwx China Hmong-Mien Hmongic 305
Bura-Pabir bwr Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Biu-Mandara 303
Buriat bxm China, Mongolia, Russia Altaic Mongolic 450
Burmese mya Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Burmese-Lolo 33,212
Bushoong buf DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 276
Bwa (Bwamu) bww Burkina Faso, Mali Niger-Congo Gur 454
Cakchiquel → Kaqchikel        
Caluyanun clu Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 244
Cambodian → Khmer        
Cantonese yue China Sino-Tibetan Chinese 59,570
Cao Lan mlc Vietnam, China Tai-Kadai Central Tai 200
Capiznon (Capiseño) cps Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 638
Catalan cat Spain Indo-European Romance 6,457
Cebaara → Senoufo        
Cebuano ceb Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 22,780
Chaga (Chagga) jmc, old Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 419
Chakma ccp India, Banglades Indo-European Indo-Iranian 688
Chaldean (Modern) → Neo-Aramaic        
Cham cjm, cja Vietnam, Cambodia Austronesian Sundic 360
Chaozhou → Min Nan        
Chattisgarhi (Laria, Khaltahi) hne India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 12,663
Chaungtha ccq Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 105
Che ruk Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 121
Chechen che Russia Nakh-Daghestanian Nakh 1,288
Cheremis → Mari        
Chichewa (Chewa, Nyanja) nya Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe Niger-Congo Bantoid 11,968
Chiga cgg Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,033
Chinantec cco, cle, cpa, chq, cuc, cso, cnt Mexico Oto-Manguean Chinantecan 135
Chinese → Gan, Hakka, Mandarin, Minbei, Minnan, Wu, Xiang, Yue        
Chittagonian cit Bangladesh Indo-European Indo-Aryan 16,231
Chodri cdi India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 248
Chokwe cjk Angola, Zambia, DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,418
Chol cti, ctu Mexico Mayan Mayan 163
Chonyi coh Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 152
Chopi cce Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 823
Chuvash chv Russia Altaic Turkic 1,178
Chuwabu (Chwabo) chw Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,285
Cibak ckl Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 121
CiLuba lua DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 7,501
Cishingini asg Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 121
C'lela (Lela) dri Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 109
Comorian swb Comoros Islands, Mayotte Niger-Congo Bantoid 962
Corsican cos France Indo-European Romance 236
Crimean Turkish (Crimean Tatar) crh Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Romania Altaic Turkic 355
Croatian (*) hrv Croatia Indo-European Slavic 6,200
Cuyonon cyo Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 172
Czech ces Czech Rep. Indo-European Slavic 10,018
Dabida → Taita        
Dagaare (Dagaari) dga Burkina Faso, Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 573
Dagara dgi Burkina FAso Niger-Congo Gur 477
Dagbani dag Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 971
Dagur (Daur) dta China Altaic Mongolic 102
Dai (Hlai) lic China Tai-Kadai Hlai 708
Daju daj Sudan Nilo-Saharan Daju 417
Dan daf Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia Niger-Congo E Mande 988
Danakil → Afar        
Dangme ada Ghana Niger-Congo Kwa 817
Dani dni Indonesia Trans-New Guinea Dani 279
Danish dan Denmark Indo-European Germanic 5,316
Dargwa dar Russia Nakh-Daghestanian Lak-Dargwa 464
Dari (E Farsi) prs Afghanistan, Pakistan Indo-European Iranian 6,600
Datooga tcc Tanzania Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 123
Davawenyo daw Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 139
Dayak (Malayic D.) xdy Indonesia Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian 539
Dazaga dzg Chad Nilo-Saharan W 593
Deccan dcc India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 11,756
Dendi ddn Benin Nilo-Saharan Songhai 154
Dhatki mki Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Iranian 171
Dhivehi div Maldives Indo-European Indo-Aryan 339
Dhundari dhd India Indo-European Indo-Iranian 9,872
Dibo dio Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 121
Dida dic, gud, ney Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kru 195
Didinga did Sudan Nilo-Saharan Surmic 171
Digo dig Kenya, Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 397
Dimli diq Turkey Indo-European Iranian 1,667
Ding diz DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 275
Dinka dip Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 2,210
Diola-Fogny (Jola-Fogny) dyo Gambia, Senegal Niger-Congo N Atlantic 624
Ditammari tbz       177
Dogon dba, dts Burkina Faso, Mali Niger-Congo Dogon 784
Dogri (Dogri-Kangri) dgo, xnr India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,575
Doko → Ngombe        
Domari rmt Iran, Israel, Jordan, Syria Indo-European Indo-Aryan 374
Dong doc, kmc China Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 1,701
Dongolawi → Kenuzi        
Dongxiang (Santa) sce China Altaic Mongolic 266
Duala dua Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 147
Dubla (Dubli) dub India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 250
Duruma dug Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 311
Dusun dun, duq, duw Indonesia, Malaysia Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian 241
Dutch nld Netherlands Indo-European Germanic 21,023
Dyerma (Zarma) dje Niger, Nigeria Nilo-Saharan Songhay 2,970
Dyula (Jula) dyu Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali Niger-Congo W Mande 1,952
Dzongkha dzo Bhutan, India, Nepal Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 440
Ebira igb Nigeria Niger-Congo Nupoid 1,234
Ebrié ebr Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 101
Ede Idaca idd Benin Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 103
Ede Nago nqg Benin Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 398
Edo → Bini        
Efik efi Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 799
Eggon ego Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 170
Ekari ekg Indonesia Trans-New Guinea Wissel Lakes-Kemandoga 103
Ekit eke Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 243
Ekpeye ekp Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 287
Emai-Iuleha-Ora ema Nigeria Niger-Congo Edoid 121
Embu (Embo) ebu Kenya Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 547
Ende end Indonesia Austronesian C Nusantara 110
Endo enb Kenya Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 100
Enga enq PNG Trans-New Guinea Engan 254
English eng UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, worldwide Indo-European Germanic 361,762
+ 1,500,000 [[L2]
Erzya → Mordvin        
Esan ish Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 144
Estonian est Estonia Uralic Finnic 962
Etsako ets Nigeria Niger-Congo Edoid 332
Éwé ewe Ghana, Togo Niger-Congo Kwa 3,731
Ewondo ewo Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 925
Fang fak, fan Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 713
Fante → Akan        
Farefare → Gurenne        
Farsi → Persian        
Fe'fe' fmp Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 178
Fiji Hindustani hif Fiji Indo-European Indo-Aryan 403
Fijian fij Fiji Austronesian Oceanic 478
Finnish fin Finland Uralic Finnic 5,165
Fipa fip Tanzania Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 390
Fongbe (Fon) fon Benin Niger-Congo Kwa 1,868
French fra France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, worldwide Indo-European Romance 74,521
+ 500,000 L2
Frisian fri Germany, Netherlands Indo-European Germanic 433
Friulian (Furlan) fur Italy Indo-European Romance 600
Fulani (Fula, Pulaar, Fulacunda) fub, fuc, fuf, fuh Cameroon, Nigeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone Niger-Congo N Atlantic 14,853
Fulfulde ffm Mali Niger-Congo N Atlantic 7,525
Fuliiru flr DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 580
Fur fvr Sudan Nilo-Saharan Fur 915
Fuzhou → Min Dong        
gaa Ghana, Togo Niger-Congo Kwa 953
Gaelic, Irish gle Ireland Indo-European Celtic 350
Gaelic, Scots gla UK Indo-European Celtic 168
Gagauz gag Moldova Altaic Turkic 190
Galician glg Spain Indo-European Romance 2,425
Gallong → Adi        
Gamit gbl India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 296
Gamo → Kullo        
Gamo-Gofa-Dawro → Kullo        
Gan gan China Sino-Tibetan Chinese 21,880
Ganda → Luganda        
Garhwali gbm India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 3,201
Garífuna cab Belize, Guatemala, Honduras Arawakan Arawakan 138
Garo grt India Sino-Tibetan Baric 810
Garreh-Ajuran ggh Kenya Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 162
Gayo gay Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 188
Gbaya (Gbagyi, Gwaya) gby, krs, gbp, gbq, gya Central African Rep. Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 1,128
Gedeo drs Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 910
Gen gej Togo, Benin Niger-Congo Kwa 409
Georgian kat Georgia Kartvelian Kartvelian 3,579
Gera gew Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 243
German deu Austria, Germany, Switzerland Indo-European Germanic 92,113
Ghomálá' (Bamendjuu) bbj Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 379
Gidar gid Cameroon Afro-Asiatic Biu-Mandara 102
Gikuyu → Kikuyu        
Gilaki glk Iran Indo-European Iranian 3,097
Giryama nyf Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 786
Giziga gis, giz Cameroon Afro-Asiatic Biu-Mandara 116
Goajiro (Guajiro) guc Colombia, Venezuela Arawakan Arawakan 310
Goemai ank Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 243
Gogo gog Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,524
Gojri (Gujari) gju India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,237
Gokana gkn Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 121
Gola gol Liberia, Sierra Leone Niger-Congo S Atlantic 143
Gondi ggo, gno India Dravidian S-C Dravidian 2,569
Gonja gjn Ghana Niger-Congo Kwa 231
Gor gqr Chad Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 175
Gorontalo gor Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 934
Gourmanchéma (Gurma) gux Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 1,116
Grebo gry Liberia Niger-Congo Kru 396
Greek (Modern) ell Greece, Cyprus Indo-European Greek 11,832
Guaraní grn, gug Paraguay Tupian Tupi-Guaraní 4,482
Gujarati guj India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 50,415
Gujari (Gujuri) → Gojri        
Gulay gvl Chad Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 265
Gumuz guk Ethiopia, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Gumuz 240
Gun guw Benin Niger-Congo Kwa 648
Gurenne gur Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 474
Guro goa Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo E Mande 415
Gurung ggn, gvr Nepal Sino-Tibetan Bodic 377
Gusii guz Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,001
Gwere gwr Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 497
Gworok kcg Nigeria Niger-Congo Platoid 157
Ha haq Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,242
Hadiyya hdy Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 1,320
Hakka hak China Sino-Tibetan Chinese 30,789
Halbi hlb India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 580
Hangaza han Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 209
Hani hni China Sino-Tibetan Burmese-Lolo 553
Harauti hoj India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 972
Haryanvi bgc India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 14,271
Hausa hau Niger, Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 38,398
Havu hav DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 911
Haya hay Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,685
Hazaragi haz Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan Indo-European Iranian 3,797
Hebrew (Modern) heb Israel Afro-Asiatic Semitic 3,569
Hehe heh Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,302
Hema nix DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 223
Hemba hem DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 323
Herero her Botswana, Namibia Niger-Congo Bantoid 172
Higi → Kamwe        
Hiligaynon hil Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 8,446
Hindi hin India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 304,058
Hindko hno, hnd Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 3,195
Hlai → Dai        
Hmong hmn China, Thailand, Vietnam Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien 8,436
Hmong Daw mww China, Vietnam Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien 243
Hmong Njua blu China Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien 220
Ho hoc India Austro-Asiatic Munda 1,169
Hokkien → Min Nan        
Honi how China Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 106
Hre hre Vietnam Austro-Asiatic Bahnaric 121
Huastec hsf Mexico Mayan Mayan 152
Huba hbb Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 212
Huli hul PNG Austronesian Oceanic 108
Hunde hke DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 355
Hungarian (Magyar) hun Hungary Uralic Ugric 12,755
Hyam jab Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 121
Iban iba Indonesia, Malaysia Austronesian Sundic 561
Ibanag ibg Philippines Austronesian N Philippines 642
Ibibio ibb Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 2985
Icelandic isl Iceland Indo-European Germanic 308
Idakho-Isukha-Tiriki ida Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 386
Idoma idu Nigeria Niger-Congo Idomoid 972
Ifè ife Togo, Benin Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 217
Ifugao ifb Philippines Austronesian N Philippines 215
Igala igl Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 1,392
Igbo (Ibo) ibo Nigeria Niger-Congo Igboid 20,810
Ijo lgs. ijc Nigeria Niger-Congo Ijoid 4,767
Ikposo → Kposo        
Ikwere ikw Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 929
Ilanun mbi Philippines Austronesian S Philippines 196
Ilocano ilo Philippines Austronesian N Philippines 9,610
Indonesian ind Indonesia, Timor Leste Austronesian Sundic 290,000
Ingessana (Gaam) tbi Sudan Nilo-Saharan E Jebel 111
Ingush inh Russia Nakh-Daghestanian Nakh 375
Inonhan loc Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 107
Inor ior Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Semitic 399
Iraqw irk Tanzania Afro-Asiatic S Cushitic 575
Isan → Thai        
Isekiri its Nigeria Niger-Congo Defoid 4,798
Isoko iso Nigeria Niger-Congo Edoid 595
Italian ita Italy, Switzerland Indo-European Romance 59,393
Itawis (Itawit) itv Philippines Austronesian N Philippines 197
Iu Mien ium China Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien 1,011
Izi-Ezaa-Ikwo-Mgbo izi Nigeria Niger-Congo Igboid 719
Izon ijc Nigeria Niger-Congo Ijoid 1,217
Jadgali jdg Pakistan, Iran Indo-European Indo-Aryan 105
Jalonke (Yalunka) yal Guinea Niger-Congo W Mande 162
Japanese jpn Japan Japanese Japanese 127,005
Jarai jra Vietnam, Cambodia Austronesian Chamic 356
Jarawa jar Nigeria Niger-Congo Bantoid 182
Javanese jav Indonesia Austronesian Javanesic 78,810
Jingpho kac Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Jinghpo 828
Jita jit Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 303
Jju kaj Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 363
Johari → Kumauni        
Jumli jml Nepal Indo-European Indo-Aryan 984
Jur Mödö bex Sudan Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 185
Juray juy India Austro-Asiatic Munda 878
Kabardian kbd Russia Northwest Caucasian Northwest Caucasian 1,054
Kabiyé kbp Togo Niger-Congo Gur 964
Kabyle kab Algeria Afro-Asiatic Berber 3,392
Kachchi kfr India, Pakistan, Kenya Indo-European Indo-Aryan 678
Kadara kad Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 217
Kadazan kzj Malaysia Austronesian Borneo 109
Kado kdv Myanmar, China Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 219
Kagulu (Kaguru) kki Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 303
Kaili lew Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 300
Kako kkj Cameroon, Central African Rep. Niger-Congo Bantoid 138
Kakwa keo Uganda, Sudan, DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 220
Kalabari ijn Nigeria Niger-Congo Ijo 313
Kalagan kqe Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 114
Kalanga kck Botswana, Zimbabwe Niger-Congo Bantoid 623
Kalenjin → Nandi        
Kalmyk → Oirat        
Kamayo kyk Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 107
Kamba kam Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 3,668
Kambera xbr Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 244
Kamwe hig Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 363
Kana (Khana) ogo, tkq Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 243
Kanauji bjj India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 6,579
Kanembu kbl Chad, Niger, Nigeria Nilo-Saharan Saharan 672
Kangean kkv Indonesia Austronesian Malayo-Sumbawan 128
Kangri xnr India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,863
Kanjobal (E) kjb Guatemala Mayan Mayan 104
Kankanay kne Philippines Austronesian N Philippines 308
Kannada kan India Dravidian S Dravidian 39,291
Kanuri knc Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Saharan 5,092
Kanyok kny DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 392
Kaonde kqn Zambia, DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 350
Kapampangan pam Philippines Austronesian N Philippines 2,719
Kaqchikel cak, ckk, cke, chc, cki, ckj Mesoamerica Mayan Quichean 590
Kara reg Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 121
Karachay-Balkar krc Russia Altaic Turkic 282
Karakalpak kaa Uzbekistan Altaic Turkic 525
Karamojong (Karimojong) kdj Uganda Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 631
Karbi mjw India Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 497
Kare kbn Central African Rep. Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 137
Karekare kai Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 212
Karen (Pwo) kjp, pwo, pww China, Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Karen 931
Karen (Sgaw) ksw Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Karen 974
Karen, other   China, Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Karen 631
Kasem xsm Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 302
Kashmiri kas India, Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 5,785
Kataang kgd Laos Austro-Asiatic Mon-Khmer 125
Katcha-Kadugli-Miri xtc Sudan Kadugli Kadugli 137
Kayah Li (E) eky, kvu, kvy, kxf, kyu Myanmar, Thailand Sino-Tibetan Karen 483
Kazakh kaz Kazakhstan, Russia, China Altaic Turkic 11,037
Kefa (Kafa) kbr Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Omotic 814
K'ekchí kek Guatemala Mayan Mayan 743
Kele khy DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 284
Kemak kem East Timor, Indonesia Austronesian Timor 122
Kendayan knx Indonesia Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian 155
[[Kenuzi(Kunuz, Dongolese) kzh Egypt, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nubian 407
Kenyi lke Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 430
Kerewe (Kerebe) ked Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 139
Kerinci kvr Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 279
Kewa kew, kjs PNG Trans-New Guinea Engan 132
Khandesi khn India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,545
Kharia khr India Austro-Asiatic Munda 306
Khasi kha India Austro-Asiatic Khasian 1,012
Khengkha xkf Bhutan Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 125
Khmer khm, kxm SE Asia Austro-Asiatic Khmer 15,928
Khmu' kjg Laos, Thailand Austro-Asiatic Palaung-Khmuic 552
Khowar khw Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 248
Khün kkh Myanmar, Thailand Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 105
K'iche' quc Guatemala Mayan Mayan 1,210
Kikongo kon DR Congo Niger-Congo Atlantic-Congo 4,458
Kikuyu kik Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 6,754
Kim Mun mji China Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien 391
Kimbu kiv Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 109
Kimbundu kmb Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,004
Kinaray-A krj Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 799
Kinga gmx, zga Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 196
Kinyarwanda → Rwanda        
Kirghiz kir Kyrgyzstan, China Altaic Turkic 4,183
Kiribati gil Kiribati Austronesian Oceanic 115
Kirike okr Nigeria Niger-Congo Ijo 301
Kisi (Kissi) kqs, kss Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone Niger-Congo S Atlantic 796
Kistane → Soddo        
Klao klu Liberia Niger-Congo Kru 256
Kofyar kwl Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 133
Kohistani plk Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 232
Koho kpm Vietnam Austro-Asiatic Bahnaric 137
Kohumono bcs Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 240
Kokborok trp India Sino-Tibetan Baric 884
Kokota kkk Solomon Islands Austronesian Oceanic 262
Koli gjk, kxp Pakistan, India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 524
Kom bkm Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 223
Komering kge Indonesia Austronesian Lampungic 731
Komi-Zyrian kpv Russia Uralic Finnic 202
Komo xom Ethiopia, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Koman 731
Kongo → Kikongo        
Konjo kjc Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 803
Konkani knn India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 7,667
Konkomba xon Ghana, Togo Niger-Congo Gur 567
Kono kno Sierra Leone Niger Congo W Mande 252
Kono knu Guinea, Liberia Niger Congo W Mande 135
Koranko (Kuranko) knk Guinea, Sierra Leone Niger-Congo W Mande 347
Korean kor North Korea, South Korea Korean Korean 75,915
Korku kfq India Austro-Asiatic Munda 537
Koromfé kfz Burkina Faso, Mali Niger-Congo Gur 273
Koya kff India Dravidian S-C Dravidian 361
Koyaga kga Côte d’Ivoire Niger-Congo Manding-Jogo 106
Koyra (Koorete) kqy Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Omotic 148
Kpelle xpe Liberia Niger-Congo W Mande 1,151
Kposo kpo Togo Niger-Congo Kwa 199
Kui kxu India Dravidian S-C Dravidian 871
Kukele kez Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 114
Kukú → Bari        
Kulango kzc Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 348
Kullo gmo Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Omotic 4,682
Kumam kdi Uganda Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 200
Kuman kue PNG Trans-New Guinea Chimbu 123
Kumauni kfy India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 2,595
Kumyk kum Russia Altaic Turkic 382
Kunama kun Eritrea, Ethiopia Nilo-Saharan Kunama 164
Kunda kdn Zimbabwe, Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 148
Kupsabiny → Sebei        
Kurdish (Kurmanji) kmr Turkey, Iran, Iraq Indo-European Iranian 20,525
Kuria kuj Tanzania, Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 577
Kurumba kfi India Dravidian Tamil-Kannada 244
Kurux (Kurukh) kru India Dravidian N Dravidian 2,179
Kusaal kus Ghana, Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 454
Kuvi kxv India Dravidian S-C Dravidian 229
Kuy kdt Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Austro-Asiatic Mon-Khmer 454
Kwanyama kua Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 885
Kwaya kya Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 142
Kwere cwe Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 137
Kwese kws DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 106
Lahu lhu China, Myanmar, Thailand Sino-Tibetan Burmese-Lolo 604
Lak lbe Russia Nakh-Daghestanian Lak-Dargwa 152
Lala-Bisa leb Zambia, DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 318
Lama las Togo Niger-Congo Gur 219
Lamaholot slp Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 155
Lamani (Lambadi) lmn India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 3,143
Lamba lam DR Congo, Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 201
Lambya lai Malawi, Ranzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 111
Lamnso' lns Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 172
Lampung ljp Indonesia Austronesian Lampungic 1,563
Langi lag Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 489
Lango laj Uganda Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 1,666
Lao (Laotian) lao Laos, Thailand Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 3,996
Latvian lav Latvia Indo-European Baltic 1,491
Lawangan lbx Indonesia Austronesian Barito 103
Ledo → Kaili        
Lega lea, lgm DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 791
Lele lln Chad Afro-Asiatic East Chadic 127
Lendu led DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Lendu 1,357
Lengola lej DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 177
Lenje leh Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 148
Letzebuergesch → Luxembugeois        
Lewotobi lwt Indonesia Austronesian Timor 300
Lezgian (Lezgi) lez Azerbaijan, Russia Nakh-Daghestanian Lezgic 541
Limba lia, lma Sierra Leone, Guinea Niger-Congo Atlantic 481
Limbu lif Bhutan, India Sino-Tibetan Bodic 414
Limbum lmp Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 106
Lingala lin DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 4,228
Lingao onb China Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 638
Li'o ljl Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 136
Lisu lis China, Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Burmese-Lolo 745
Lithuanian lit Lithuania Indo-European Baltic 3,180
Lobala loq DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 106
Lobi lob Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Gur 560
Logo log DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Moru-Ma'di 376
Logooli rag Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 248
Lokaa yaz Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 195
Loko lok Sierra Leone Niger-Congo W Mande 160
Lolo llb Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 154
Loma lom Guinea, Liberia Niger-Congo W Mande 206
Lomwe ngl Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,940
Londo → Bakundu        
Low German nds Germany Indo-European Germanic 3,103
Lozi loz Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 776
khb China, Laos, Myanmar Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 703
Luba → CiLuba        
Lucazi (Luchazi) lch Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 216
Luganda lug Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 5,259
Lugbara lgg DR Congo, Uganda Nilo-Saharan Moru-Ma'di 2,456
Luguru ruf Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,014
Lunda lun DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 355
Luo luo Kenya, Tanzania Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 4,391
Luri lrc Iran Indo-European Iranian 3,453
Luvale lue Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 592
Luwo lwo Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 134
Luxembourgeois ltz Luxembourg Indo-European Germanic 392
Luyia luy Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 5,177
Lyélé lee Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 245
Ma'anyan mhy Indonesia Austronesian Borneo 155
Maasai mas Kenya, Tanzania Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 1,005
Maay ymm Somalia Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 665
Maba mde Chad Nilo-Saharan Maban 621
Macedonian mkd Macedonia Indo-European Slavic 1,901
Machame → Chaga        
Mada mda Nigeria Niger-Congo Platoid 122
Ma'di mhi Sudan, Uganda Nilo-Saharan Moru-Ma'di 344
Madurese (Madura) mad Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 14,308
Mafa maf Cameroon, Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 214
Magahi mag India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 14,287
Magar mgp, mrd Nepal Sino-Tibetan Bodic 852
Magindanao mdh Philippines Austronesian S Philippines 1,292
Magyar → Hungarian        
Mahasu Pahari bfz India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 548
Maithili mai India, Nepal Indo-European Indo-Aryan 27,631
Makaa mcp Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 110
Makasae mkz East Timor Trans-New Guinea Timor-Alor-Pantar 141
Makassar (Makasar) mak Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 1,666
Makhuwa-Meetto mgh Mozambique, Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 506
Makonde kde Mozambique, Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,763
Makua (Makhuwa) vmw Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 5,476
Malagasy bhr Madagascar Austronesian Borneo 19,292
Malay (Melayu) mly Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Austronesian Sundic 39,144
Malayalam mal India Dravidian S Dravidian 39,015
Maldivian → Divehi        
Malinke mlq, mwk Senegal, Gambia, Mali Niger-Congo Manding-Jogo 749
Maltese mlt Malta Afro-Asiatic Semitic 510
Malvi mup India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,208
Mam mvc, mms Guatemala Mayan Mayan 601
Mamasa mqj Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 103
Mambae mgm East Timor Austronesian Timor 197
Mambila mcu, mzk Cameroon, Nigeria Niger-Congo Bantoid 166
Mambwe-Lungu mgr Tanzania, Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 378
Mampruli maw Ghana, Togo Niger-Congo Gur 221
Mamvu mdi DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Mangbutu-Efe 106
Mandar mdr Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 206
Mandari mqu Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 199
Mandarin (Chinese) cmn China, Taiwan, SE Asia Sino-Tibetan Chinese 940,856
Mandeali mjl India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 850
Mandinka mnk Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Gambia Niger-Congo W Mande 1,483
Mangbetu mdj DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Mangbetu 1,105
Manggarai mqy Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 518
Mangghuer (Tu) mjg China Altaic Mongolic 162
Mango mge Chad Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 161
Maninka emk, mlq Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali Niger-Congo W Mande 3,369
Manjaku (Mandjak) mfv Guinea-Bissau Niger-Congo N Atlantic 277
Mann (Mano) mev Guinea, Liberia Niger-Congo E Mande 340
Manobo mbb Philippines Austronesian S Philippines 275
Manyawa mny Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 154
Manyika mxc Zimbabwe, Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 741
Manza mzv Central African Rep. Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 279
Mapudungun arn Chile Araucanian Araucanian 304
Maranao mrw Philippines Austronesian S Philippines 1,178
Marathi mar India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 75,186
Marba mpg Chad Afro-Asiatic Chadic 200
Marghi (Margi) mrt, mfm Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Biu-Mandara 163
Mari (Cheremis) mrj, mhr Russia Uralic Finnic 435
Maria mrr India Dravidian S-C Dravidian 268
Marka rkm Burkina Faso, Mali Niger-Congo Manding-Jogo 316
Marwari rwr India, Nepal Indo-European Indo-Aryan 14,532
Masa (Masana) mcn Cameroon, Chad Afro-Asiatic Masa 335
Masaba myx Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,340
Masalit mls Chad, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Maban 425
Masbatenyo msb Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 508
Matuumbi (Matumbi) mgw Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 100
Mauka (Mahou) mxx Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo W Mande 227
Maxi mxl Benin, Togo Niger-Congo Kwa 136
Maya → Yucatec        
Mayogo mdm DR Congo Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 177
Mazahua maz, mmc Mexico Oto-Manguean Otomian 134
Mazanderani mzn Iran Indo-European Iranian 2,696
[[Mazatec(o) maq, mau Mexico Oto-Manguean Popolocan 216
Mbala mdp DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 355
Mbandja zmz DR Congo Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 635
Mbay myb Chad Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 141
Mbembe mfn Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 195
Mbere mdt Congo, Gabon Niger-Congo Bantoid 203
Mbunda mck Zambia, Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 218
Mbundu → Kimbundu        
Mbwela mfu Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 154
Medumba byv Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 274
Mehri gdq Yemen Afro-Asiatic Semitic 153
Meithei (Meitei) mni India Sino-Tibetan Kuki-Chin-Naga 1,516
Melpa med PNG Trans-New Guinea Main 200
Mende men Sierra Leone Niger-Congo W Mande 1,908
Meru mer Kenya Niger-congo Bantoid 1,972
Meta' mgo Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 126
Mewari mtr India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,160
Mewati wtm India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 5,480
Mikir → Karbi        
Milang → Adi        
Min Bei mnp China, Singapore Sino-Tibetan Chinese 10,944
Min Dong cdo China, Malaysia, Thailand Sino-Tibetan Chinese 9,602
Min Nan nan China, Taiwan Sino-Tibetan Chinese 46,974
Mina myi India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 986
Minangkabau min Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 6,270
Mingrelian xmf Georgia Kartvelian Kartvelian 360
Mising (Miri) mrg India Sino-Tibetan Mirish 449
Mískito miq Nicaragua Misumalpan Misumalpan 121
Mizo lus Bangladesh, India Sino-Tibetan Kuki-Chin-Naga 618
Moba mfq Togo, Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 273
Mochi old Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 869
Mom Jango ver Nigeria, Cameroon Niger-congo Adamawa-Ubangian 126
Mon mnw Myanmar, Thailand Austro-Asiatic Monic 1,000
Mongo lol DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,008
[[Mongol(ian) khk, mvf China, Mongolia Altaic Mongolic 6,596
Mongondow mog Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 934
Mooré (Mòoré) mos Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 7,824
Mordvin (Erzya) myv Kazakhstan, Russia Uralic Finnic 380
Mordvin (Moksha) mdf Russia Uralic Finnic 193
Moru mgd Sudan Nilo-Saharan Moru-Ma'di 121
Mpoto mpa Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 112
Mpuono zmp DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 324
Mro Chin cmr Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Kuki-Chin-Naga 119
Mumuye mzm Nigeria Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 485
Mun → Kim Mun        
Muna mnb Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 234
Mundang mua Chad Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 344
Mundani mnf Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,093
Mundari muw India Austro-Asiatic Munda 2,045
Musi mui Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 3,000
Muong mtq Vietnam Austro-Asiatic Viet-Muong 1,215
Murle mur Sudan Nilo-Saharan Surmic 102
Musey mse Chad, Cameroon Afro-Asiatic Chadic 334
Musgu mug Cameroon, Chad Afro-Asiatic Biu-Mandara 128
Mwaghavul (Mupun) sur Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 357
Mwera mwe Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 656
Naba mne Chad Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 401
Nafusi jbn Libya, Tunisia Afro-Asiatic Berber 138
[[Nahua(tl) nhn, nhe, nhw, nhx, ncl, ncj, nhp, azz, nhg, ngu Mexico Uto-Aztecan Aztecan 1,464
Nama naq Namibia, South Africa, Botswana Khoisan Nama 282
Nancere nnc Chad Afro-Asiatic Chadic 123
Nande nnb DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,620
Nandi kln Kenya Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 3,929
Nara nrb Eritrea Nilo-Saharan Nara 107
Navajo nav USA Na-Dene Athapaskan 183
Nawdm nmz Togo, Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 212
Naxi nbf China Sino-Tibetan Naxi 328
Ndali ndh Tanzania, Malawi Niger-Congo Bantoid 314
Ndau ndc Mozambique, Zimbabwe Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,501
Ndebele nbl South Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,289
Ndendeule dne Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 139
Ndengereko ndg Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 154
Ndo ndp Uganda, DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Mangbutu-Efe 407
Ndonga ndo Angola, Namibia Niger-Congo Bantoid 598
Neo-Aramaic cld, aij, aii, trg Iraq, Israel, Syria, Iran Afro-Asiatic Semitic 1,293
Nepali nep Nepal Indo-European Indo-Aryan 17,159
Newari new Nepal Sino-Tibetan Bodic 1,035
Ngäbere gym Panama Chibchan Guaymi 136
Ngaju nij Indonesia Austronesian Borneo 831
Ngambay sba Cameroon, Chad Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 1,219
Ngando ngd, nxd DR Congo, Central African Rep., Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 395
Ngas → Angas        
Ngbaka nga DR Congo Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 1,815
Ngbaka Ma'bo nbm Central African Rep., DR Congo, Congo Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 141
Ngbandi nbw, ngb DR Congo Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 634
Ngiemboon (Ngyemboon) nnh Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 137
Ngindo nnq Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 307
Ngiti niy DR Congo Nilo-Saharan Lendu 177
Ngombe ngc DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 268
Ngoni ngo Mozambique, Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 395
Ngulu ngp Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 184
Ngwe nwe Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 101
Nias nia Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 497
Nilamba nim Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 720
Nimadi noe India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,489
Nishi (Nisi) dap India Sino-Tibetan Mirish 261
Nkhumbi khu Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 205
Nkore-Kiga → Chiga        
Nobiin fia Egypt, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nubian 692
Norwegian nob Norway Indo-European Germanic 4,452
Nsenga nse Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 627
Ntcham bud Togo, Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 203
Ntomba nto DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 195
Nubian → Kenuzi        
Nuer nus Ethiopia, Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 1,362
Nung nut Vietnam Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 924
Nuni nuv Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 263
Nupe nup Nigeria Niger-Congo Nupoid 1,150
Nyakyusa-Ngonde nyy Tanzania, Malawi Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,443
Nyambo now Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 562
Nyamwanga mwn Zambia, Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 259
Nyamwezi nym Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,219
Nyaneka nyk Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 183
Nyanga nyj DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 266
Nyanja → Chichewa        
Nyankore nyn Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,884
Nyaturu (Rimi) rim Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 778
Nyemba nba Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 174
Nyiha nih Tanzania, Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 613
Nyimang → Ama        
Nyole nuj Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 386
Nyore nyd Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 151
Nyoro nyo Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 863
Nyungwe nyu Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 269
Nzema nzi Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire Niger-Congo Kwa 347
Obolo ann Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 243
Occitan lnc France Indo-European Romance 1,430
Ogbah ogc Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 206
Ogbia ogb Nigeria Niger-Congo Cross River 243
Oirat xal China, Mongolia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan Altaic Mongolic 470
Oriya ori, ort India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 34,453
Oroko → Bakundu        
Oromo gax, hae, ssn, gaz Ethiopia, Kenya Afro-Asiatic E Cushitic 24,803
Osing osi Indonesia Austronesian Javanesic 500
Ossetic (Osetin) oss Georgia, Russia Indo-European Iranian 532
Otomí otz, ote, otq, otm Mexico Oto-Manguean Otomian 294
Otuho lot Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 227
Palaung pce, rbb Myanmar Austro-Asiatic Palaung-Khmuic 340
Palembang plm Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 3,800
Pamona bcx Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 110
Pampangan → Kapampangan        
Pana pnz Central African Rep., Cameroon Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 123
Panchpargania tdb India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 300
Pangasinan pag Philippines Austronesian N Philippines 1,690
Pangwa pbr Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 133
Panjabi pan India, Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 96,975
Pa'o Karen blk Myanmar, Thailand Sino-Tibetan Tiboto-Burman 424
Papel pbo Guinea-Bissau Niger-Congo Atlantic 106
Parauk prk China, Myanmar Austro-Asiatic Palaung-Khmuic 497
Pare → Asu        
Parsi prp India Indo-European Iranian 174
Parsi-Dari prd Iran Indo-European Iranian 936
Pashayi aee, glh, psi, psh Afghanistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 399
Pashto pst Afghanistan, Pakistan Indo-European Iranian 38,549
Pengo peg India Dravidian S-C Dravidian 383
Persian (Farsi) pes Iran Indo-European Iranian 46,371
Pesisir pec Indonesia Austronesian Lampungic 415
Phende pem DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 826
Phu Thai pht Thailand, Laos, Vietnam Tai-Kadai Tai 557
Phuan phu Thailand, Laos Tai-Kadai Tai 237
Pilipino → Tagalog        
Pogoro poy Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 259
Pökoot (Pokot) pko Kenya, Uganda Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 419
Polish pol Poland Indo-European Slavic 40,329
Portuguese por Brazil, Portugal, parts of Africa Indo-European Romance 206,303
Provençal prv France Indo-European Romance 142
Pubian pun Indonesia Austronesian Lampungic 415
Punjabi → Panjabi        
Punu buh China Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien 220
Purépecha tsz Mexico Tarascan Tarascan 122
Purik (Purki) prx India Sino-Tibetan Bodic 130
Pu-Xian cpx China, Malaysia Sino-Tibetan Chinese 2,748
Pwo → Karen (Pwo)        
Qafar → Afar        
Q'anjob'al → Kanjobal        
Qashqa'i qxq Iran Altaic Turkic 1,009
Q'eqchi' → K'ekchí        
Qiang cng, qxs China Sino-Tibetan Qiangic 147
Quechua qxa, quy, quh, qul, qvc, quh, quz, qug, qvh, qvi, qvn Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador Quechuan Quechuan 9,042
Quiché → K'iche'        
Rade rad Vietnam Austronesian Sundic 289
Rajbanshi rjb India, Nepal Indo-European Indo-Aryan 3,288
Rejang rej Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 1,041
Rhaeto-Romance (Romansch) roh Switzerland Indo-European Romance 568
Romani rmn, rmo, rmy, rml, rmw Balkans, W Europe Indo-European Indo-Aryan 3,101
Romanian ron Romania, Moldova Indo-European Romance 24,405
Romblomanon rol Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 223
Ron cla Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 139
Ronga rng Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 659
Rufiji rui Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 280
Ruli ruc Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 147
Rundi run Burundi Niger-Congo Bantoid 9,176
Runyankore → Nyankore        
Runyoro-Rutooro → Nyoro        
Russian rus Russia, Eurasia Indo-European Slavic 158,857
+ 150,000 L2
Ruund rnd DR Congo, Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 408
Rwa rwk Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 126
Rwanda kin Rwanda Niger-Congo Bantoid 11,132
Saafi-Saafi sav Senegal Niger-Congo Atlantic 146
Sabaot spy Kenya Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 180
Sabu (Sawu) hvn Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 115
Sadri sck India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 2,385
Sadri, Oraon sdr Bangladesh Indo-European Indo-Aryan 191
Safwa sbk Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 221
Sagala sbm Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 110
Saho ssy Eritrea, Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic E Cushitic 247
Sakata skt DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 133
Salampasu slx DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 106
Sama sse, sml, ssb Philippines Austronesian Sama-Bajaw 304
Samba Daka ccg Nigeria Niger-Congo Bantoid 129
Samburu saq Kenya Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 176
Samo sbd, sym, stj Burkina Faso Niger-Congo E Mande 316
Samoan smo American Samoa, Samoa Austronesian Oceanic 427
Sanga sng DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 767
Sangir sxn Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 275
Sango sag Central African Rep. Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 589
Sangu sbp Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 105
Santali sat India Austro-Asiatic Munda 6,689
Sar mwm Chad Nilo-Saharan Bongo-Bagirmi 298
Sardinian sro Italy Indo-European Romance 800
Sasak sas Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 2,186
Saurashtra saz India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 340
Saya say Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Chadic 153
Seba kdg DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 296
Sebat Bet Gurage sgw Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Semitic 628
Sebei kpz Uganda Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 202
Sedang sed Vietnam Austro-Asiatic Bahnaric 122
Sehwi sfw Ghana Niger-Congo Kwa 245
Selako skl Indonesia, Malaysia Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian 107
Sena seh Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,821
Senoufo seq, sef Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso Niger-Congo Gur 3,350
Seraiki skr Pakistan, India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 16,497
Serbian (*) srp Serbia and Montenegro Indo-European Slavic 10,200
Serbo-Croatian (*) bos, hrv, srp Balkans Indo-European Slavic 19,532
Serer-Sine srr Senegal Niger-Congo Atlantic 1,499
Sesotho → Sotho        
Sgaw Karen (S'gaw)        
Shambala ksb Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,084
Shan shn Myanmar Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 3,427
Shekhawati swv India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 3,289
Sherbro bun Sierra Leone Niger-Congo Atlantic 183
Sherpa xsr Nepal Sino-Tibetan Bodic 160
Shi shr DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,300
Shilluk shk Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 297
Shina scl Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 527
Shona (Karanga) sna Zimbabwe Niger-Congo Bantoid 8,412
Shubi suj Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 214
Sidamo sid Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 2,685
Sika (Sikka) ski Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 180
Silt'e xst Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Semitic 1,181
Simeulue smr Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 103
Sindhi snd India, Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 24,854
Sinhala (Singhalese) sin Sri Lanka Indo-European Indo-Aryan 17,139
Sisaala ssl Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 170
Sizaki szk Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 114
Slovak slk Slovakia Indo-European Slavic 4,832
Slovene (Slovenian) slv Slovenia Indo-European Slavic 2,097
teu Uganda Nilo-Saharan Kuliak 189
Soddo gru Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Semitic 363
Soga xog Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,510
Somali som Somalia Afro-Asiatic E Cushitic 15,123
Sonde shc DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 170
Songe sop DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,967
Songhay ddn, knb, ses, khq Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali Nilo-Saharan Songhai 1,096
Soninke snk Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal Niger-Congo W Mande 1,573
Sora srb India Austro-Asiatic Munda 315
Sotho (Northern) nso South Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 3,396
Sotho (Southern) sot Lesotho, South Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 6,135
Spanish spa Spain, Americas Indo-European Romance 391,117
Sre → Kroho        
Suba suh Kenya, Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 207
Subanen laa, stb, sgb Philippines Austronesian S Philippine 204
Subanon skn, suc Philippines Austronesian S Philippine 102
Sui swi China Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 212
Sukuma suk Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 4,361
Sumbawa smw Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 312
Sumbwa suw Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 267
Sundanese (Sunda) sun Indonesia Austronesian Sundic 35,915
Surajpuri sjp India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 299
Surigaonon sul Philippines Austronesian S Philippine 482
Susu sus Guinea Niger-Congo W Mande 1,482
Swahili swh E-C Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 5,468
+ 30,000 L2
Swati (Swazi) ssw South Africa, Swaziland Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,169
Swedish swe Finland, Sweden Indo-European Germanic 8,522
Sylheti syl Bangladesh, India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 10,982
Tabassaran tab Russia Nakh-Daghestanian Lezgic 119
Tabwa (Taabwa) tap DR Congo, Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 506
Tachawit shy Algeria Afro-Asiatic Berber 1,863
Tae' rob Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 260
Tagalog (Pilipino) tgl Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 26,042
Tahitian tah French Polynesia Austronesian Oceanic 105
Tai Daeng tyr Vietnam, Laos Tai-Kadai Tai 176
Tai Dam blt Vietnam, Laos Tai-Kadai Tai 771
Tai Dón twh Vietnam, Laos Tai-Kadai Tai 518
Tai Hongjin tiz China Tai-Kadai Tai 159
Tai Nüa tdd China, Myanmar, Laos Tai-Kadai Tai 369
Taita dav Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 285
Taiwanese → Min Nan        
Tajik (Tajiki) tgk Tajikistan Indo-European Iranian 4,812
Takwane tke Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 154
Talaud tld Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 101
Talinga-Bwisi tlj DR Congo, Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 139
Talysh (Talishi) tly Azerbaijan, Iran Indo-European Iranian 323
Tamajaq (Tamasheq) ttq, thc, taq Algeria, Morocco Afro-Asiatic Berber 1,415
Tamajeq tmh Algeria, Morocco Afro-Asiatic Berber 378
Tamang taj, tge Nepal Sino-Tibetan Bodic 1,472
Tamil tam India, Sri Lanka Dravidian S Dravidian 72,256
Tangale tan Nigeria Afro-Asiatic West Chadic 158
Tarifit rif Algeria, Morocco Afro-Asiatic Berber 1,826
Tarok yer Nigeria Niger-Congo Platoid 375
Tashlhiyt (Tachelhit) shi Morocco, Algeria Afro-Asiatic Berber 4,119
Tatar tat Russia Altaic Turkic 4,893
Tausug tsg Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 1,195
Tavoyan tvn Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 345
Tay tyz Vietnam Tai-Kadai Tai 1,582
Teke ebo, ifm, kkw, lli, teg, tyi, tyx Congo, Gabon, DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,417
Telugu tel India, SE Asia Dravidian S-C Dravidian 78,332
Tem kdh Benin, Ghana, Togo Niger-Congo Gur 381
Tembo tbt DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 266
Tengger tes Indonesia Austronesian Javanesic 518
Tera ttr Nigeria Afro-Asiatic Biu-Mandara 121
Teso teo Uganda, Kenya Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 1,898
Tetela tll DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 1476
Tetun tet East Timor Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 552
Tewe twx Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 256
Thai tha, tts Thailand Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 56,539
Tharaka thk Kenya Niger-Congo Bantoid 142
Tharu the, thg, thr Nepal Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,555
Themne (Temne) tem Sierra Leone Niger-Congo S Atlantic 1,684
Tibetan bod China, Nepal Sino-Tibetan Bodic 4,316
Tigré tig Eritrea Afro-Asiatic Semitic 1,558
Tigrinya Tigrigna tir Eritrea, Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Semitic 6,973
Tikar tik Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 994
Timorese aoz Indonesia Austronesian Central Malayo-Polynesian 607
Tippera tpe Bangladesh Indo-European Indo-Aryan 114
Tiv tiv Nigeria Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,610
Tlapanec tpx Mexico Subtiaba-Tlapanec Subtiaba-Tlapanec 100
Tolaki lbw Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 291
Toma tod Guinea Niger-Congo W Mande 214
Tondano tdn Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 110
Tonga tog Malawi Niger-Congo Bantoid 231
Tonga toh Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 228
Tonga toi Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,218
Tongan ton Tonga Austronesian Oceanic 177
Tontemboan tnt Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 155
Tooro ttj Uganda Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,319
Toposa toq Sudan Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 171
Toraja (Toraja-Sa'dan) sda Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 518
Totonac tlc, top, tos, too Mexico Totonacan Totonacan 242
Tshangla tsj Bhutan, India Sino-Tibetan Bodic 510
Tsikimba kdl Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 121
Tsishingini tsw Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 121
Tsonga tso Mozambique, South Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 4,289
Tsuvadi tvd Nigeria Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 182
Tswa tsc Mozambique, South Africa Niger-Congo Benue-Congo 716
Tswana tsn SE Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 4,844
Tugen tuy Kenya Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 181
Tukang Besi bhq, khc Indonesia Austronesian Sulawesi 260
Tulu tcy India Dravidian S Dravidian 2,136
Tumbuka tum Malawi, Zambia Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,558
Tupuri tui Cameroon, Chad Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 325
Turkana tuv Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia Nilo-Saharan Nilotic 577
Turkish tur Turkey, Europe Altaic Turkic 63,229
Turkmen tuk Turkmenistan Altaic Turkic 15,873
Tuvan (Tuvinian) tyv Mongolia, Russia, China Altaic Turkic 257
Twi → Akan        
Tyap → Gworok        
Tzeltal tzb, tzh Mexico Mayan Mayan 288
Tzotzil tzc Mexico Mayan Mayan 301
Uab Meto → Timorese        
Udmurt udm Russia Uralic Finnic 405
Ukrainian ukr Ukraine Indo-European Slavic 30,175
Umbundu umb Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 3,798
Urdu urd Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 67,556
Urhobo urh Nigeria Niger-Congo Edoid 1,019
Uyghur uig China Altaic Turkic 8,243
Uzbek uzn, uzs Afghanistan, Uzbekistan Altaic Turkic 25,993
Vai vai Liberia, Sierra Leone Niger-Congo W Mande 138
Varli vav India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 466
Vasavi vas India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 986
Venda ven South Africa, Zimbabwe Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,031
Vietnamese vie Vietnam Austro-Asiatic Viet-Muong 76,364
Vunjo vun Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 419
Wa wbm Myanmar, China Austro-Asiatic Mon-Khmer 780
Waci wci Togo, Benin Niger-Congo Kwa 609
Waddar wbq India Dravidian S-C Dravidian 2,116
Wadiyara Koli kxp India, Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 441
Wagdi wbr India Indo-European Indo-Aryan 1,850
Wali wlx Ghana Niger-Congo Gur 166
Waneci wne Pakistan Indo-European Indo-Aryan 100
Waray-Waray war Philippines Austronesian Meso-Philippine 3,369
Wasa wss Ghana Niger-Congo Kwa 303
Waxianghua wxa China Isolate   319
Wayuu → Goajiro        
(Wobe) wob, gxx, wec Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Kru 475
Welsh cym UK Indo-European Celtic 527
Wéménugbé (Weme) wem Benin Niger-Congo Kwa 118
Wojenaka jod Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Manding-Jogo 159
Wolaytta wal Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Omotic 1,762
Wolof wol Gambia, Senegal Niger-Congo N Atlantic 6,105
Worodougou jud Côte d'Ivoire Niger-Congo Manding-Jogo 106
Wu (Changzhou) wuu China Sino-Tibetan Chinese 79,928
Xamtanga xan Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Cushitic 204
Xasonga kao Mali, Senegal Niger-Congo W Mande 169
Xhosa xho South Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 7,571
Xiamen → Min Nan        
Xiang hsn China Sino-Tibetan Chinese 38,291
Yaka yaf DR Congo, Angola Niger Congo W Mande 1,402
Yakan yka Philippines Austronesian Sama-Bajaw 214
Yakut sah Russia Altaic Turkic 384
Yangbye ybd Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 710
Yansi yns DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 177
Yao yao Malawi, Mozambique Niger-Congo Bantoid 2,269
Yay → Bouyei        
Yekhee → Etsako        
Yemba ybb Cameroon Niger-Congo Bantoid 381
Yemsa jnj Ethiopia Afro-Asiatic Omotic 116
Yerukula yeu India Dravidian Tamil-Kannada 328
Yi ycl, yio China Sino-Tibetan Burmese-Lolo 6,910
Yiddish ydd, yih E Europe, USA, Israel Indo-European Germanic 607
Yombe yom DR Congo, Congo, Angola Niger-Congo Bantoid 1,222
Yoruba yor Benin, Nigeria Niger-Congo Defoid 25,691
Yucatec (Maya) yua Mexico Mayan Mayan 808
Yue → Cantonese        
Zaghawa zag Sudan, Chad Nilo-Saharan Saharan 341
Zaiwa atb China, Myanmar Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman 111
Zande zne Central African Rep., DR Congo, Sudan Niger-Congo Adamawa-Ubangian 2,538
Zapotec zai, zpd, zaa, zaw, zpm, zpi, zab, zpz, zav, zpq Mexico Oto-Manguean Zapotecan 457
Zarma → Dyerma        
Zazaki → Dimli        
Zhuang ccx China Tai-Kadai Kam-Tai 15,947
Zigula ziw Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 497
Zimba zmb DR Congo Niger-Congo Bantoid 213
Zinza zin Tanzania Niger-Congo Bantoid 193
Zulu zul South Africa Niger-Congo Bantoid 10,335

(*) Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian are treated as one language (Serbo-Croatian) in most statistics outside the former Yugoslav republics.

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