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This page will become the portal on psycholinguistics.

If you would like to maintain this portal, please contact the editors.

Here is a list of the articles in Category:Psycholinguistics.

Here is a list of topics under headings which will hopefully be added soon if they haven't been already:


Aphasia, Priming, masked priming, long lag priming, broca's area, wernicke's area, acquired dyslexia, chatterbox syndrome, cognitive grammar, competition model, conducton aphasia, connectionism, constructivist view, continuity view, discontinuity view, dyslexia, fan effect, immediacy of interpretation, modularity, informationally incapsulated, interactive view, language bioprogram hypothesis, localization of function, parallel distributed processing, performance, right-hemisphere syndrome, sapir-whorf hypothesis, split-brain patients, specific language impairment, surface dyslexia, verbal efficiency theory, williams syndrome, global aphasia

Visual Word Recognition:

visual field, saccades, Word superiority effect, Parallel letter detection, Wickelcoding model, MROM model, open bigrams, The Visual Word Form Area, assembled route, bigram frequency, construction-integration theory, deep dyslexia, dual-route model, fixations

Spoken Word Recognition:

lexical access, mental lexicon, speech shadowing, cohort model, neighbourhood access model, cross-modal priming, phoneme restoration, perception boundaries, trace model, anomia

Phonological Processing:

phonological loop

Speech Production and Perception:

segmentation, lack of invariance, Categorical perception, The acoustic theory, the motor theory, mcgurk effect, sine-wave speech, categorical perception, consonant-vowel rule, duplex perception, fuzzy logic model of perception, stranding error, slip of the tounge

Syntactic Processing:

trace deletion hypothesis, autonomous parsing, interactive parsing, Serial autonomous model, Parallel autonomous model, Violation paradigms, Friederici model, syntax-first model, agrammatism, garden-path sentence, late closure, minimal attachment, syntactic category rule, syntactic frame, trace deletion hypothesis

Morphological Processing:

emergent morphology, decomposition theory, storage theory, Stimulus Onset Asynchrony, Dual mechanism theory, Single mechanism storage theory, Single mechanism composition theory, wug testing, blocking principle

Pragmatic Processing:

action sequences, bridging inference, illocutionary force, instantiation, local coherence, mental model, pre-sequences, speech act

Semantic Processing:

semantic priming, conceptual semantics, semantic memory, semantic primitives

Language Acquisition:

less-is-more hypothesis, continuous theories, discontinuity theories, critical period, matthew effect, mutual exclusivity assumption, overextension, overregularization, prosodic bootstrapping, semantic bootstrapping, syntactic bootstrapping, reduplicated babbling, subset principle, taxonomic assumption, underextension, uniqueness principle, variegated babbling, whole object assumption

Language Attrition: