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Hi, I am a linguist of Type 2 (Remember what Chomsky said about being a linguists? He claims that he is a linguist of Type 1, whereas a linguist of Type 2 is a receptionist, for instance, who speaks several languages, or a translator, who speaks at least two.) I am shocked at the fact that most of the fundamental concepts and/or categories of linguistics and in fact many other fields are not properly defined, misunderstood or misused. So my ambition is to tidy up this field based on my experience and knowledge and not on my academic credentials that you may find more important or relevant. A word of warning then: you cannot expect anybody in any field where he has a vested interest in not challenging prevailing authorities, views, ideas and theories to criticize without "mercy" or a serious compromise. So if you find any of my future remarks a little unapproving, take my appologies in advance. I also have a website of my own and of a mixed character, should you be interested in taking a look at that as well, just drop me a line to